Rillo’s – Carlisle, PA

Sadly, we’ve reached the end of restaurant week. Last night was the last night. We went to Rillo’s, hungry for more Italian food after last night.

The building had a lovely motif, and I think they should put a patio on, the outdoors was nice and quiet.

We were seated in the bar area, at a booth with white tablecloths and cloth napkins, which I can appreciate, as several of the paper ones (even the really nice ones)on my lap have let grease through onto my clothes more than once lately.

He ordered three appetizers to start, the special of the evening, a crab dip with toast (my favorite of the three), a specially composed dish (just for us) that incorporated the sautéed gnocchi (they normally make it with banana peppers, too spicy for my palate yet), and fried ravioli (his favorite of the three).

Our server brought out our cups of soup before our entrées. The italian wedding soup was cool and needed salt, but the meatballs were good. The seafood bisque was spicy and one bite was more than enough for me. (The waiter had some and said he couldn’t taste it… but took it off our bill anyway.)

The entrées we had, though already very full, were the “‘Veal Misto’ – Grilled veal cutlet with flash broiled jumbo shrimp, lemon butter, mushrooms, prosciutto, and melted provolone cheese” Everything was perfectly cooked and the veal had a great flavor to it. And the chicken parmesan, with two, huge planks of chicken, that were also cooked perfectly. The marinara sauce at Piatto was better though.

Somehow, we still managed to eat a desert, a ricotta cheesecake with raspberry sauce. The sauce surprised us by having a bit of an alcohol burn to it, almost like it wasn’t the right liquor for the sauce.

Bruges is still our favorite food find of the week, but we must give best service for the week to Rillo’s, my water-glass was never empty, empty plates quickly disappeared, and we were frequently checked on, good job everyone!

Rolled (Stuffed) Chicken

I was hunting a recipe that used ground veal, as we had a large pack of it in the freezer, and I wanted to do more with it then normal meatballs or meat sauce. Eventually, I found this:

and instantly wanted to try my hand at it! Planned to make it the following weekend and set about acquiring all I’d need throughout the week’s shop. Couldn’t find a chicken quite that small, mine was about 4.3lbs, but everything else wasn’t a problem.

The first step was to bone the chicken, I’d boned a duck once, so I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing. However, one side of the ribcage was broken, which complicated the process slightly.

Next, we were to assemble the filling, but discovered that the veal was beyond using, it had been in the freezer far too long. Opted to replace it with some extra ham and sausage.

The second snag came when, after filling, I tried to roll it, there seemed to be far too much filling (and far too little instruction) to actually roll it. In the end, I resorted to sewing it back up and making it more of a stuffed chicken.

Had to bake it far longer then the recipe called for before the internal was high enough. Then let it rest before cutting it open to reveal this:


While this proved to be rather good, we had all sorts of  ideas for improving it next time, such as caramelizing the carrots and some onions, but I still haven’t figured out how one was supposed to roll it!