English Muffins

With this week’s fed sourdough starter, I thought I’d try making english muffins. I wanted to do something different, but don’t have a lot of extras to add to a loaf.

Fed it Friday night and mixed them up on Saturday, then put them in the fridge for 24 hours, wanting as much sourdough flavor to come through as possible without adding any citric acid to the dough.

Sunday, when I got home from church, I rolled them out and cut them, ending up with 13 instead of the 12 I was expecting, but I’m not complaining.

After they’d sat for two hours (since they’d been in the fridge so long), I put them on my large skillet and let them cook there for about 12 minutes, with a cookie sheet on top of them to keep them flat.


After that time, I started checking the bottoms, the skillet doesn’t heat evenly, so some had to be turned before others. Tried to rotate them around and get them evenly browned.

When the first one was done, I was excited, for as you can see,


it looks like an english muffin!

Finished them all off, which took about 45 minutes.


Then, let myself eat the last one while it was still warm.


The bottom was toasted and I must say that I enjoyed it far better than any store-bought one I’ve ever had, with a hint of sour flavor and moisture unlike any of them. *sigh* I am content.


Walnut Bottom Dinner, Carlisle, PA

We stopped by for brunch this weekend, having a craving for eggs Benedict and having heard good things about it, both from people at church and online.

The hostess that seated us looked like she’d rather be anywhere else and only brought one breakfast menu. Our server appeared instantly and seemed miffed when we didn’t know what we wanted yet. She never introduced herself or smiled.

After perusing our options, we made our decisions, or at least, we knew what we wanted to ask about, but when out waitress returned, she was only interested in bringing us our drinks. When we finally had those, we asked about the french toast with fruit, real fruit or pie filling? Real fruit. We ordered a short stack and the eggs benedict we’d come for.

She returned to inform us that they were out of english muffins, might they serve it to us on toast? sure.

Food didn’t take very long to come after that, but it was a through disappointment. The egg was cooked well, but the sauce was thick and tasted strongly of onion powder, not inedible, but not right either. The french toast was swimming in strawberry pie filling that was sickeningly sweet, we couldn’t bear to finish it. We didn’t see our server once the food arrived.

We left feeling disappointed and don’t plan to return any time soon.

Crumpets – Who Knew?

A short entry to share a pleasant surprise. This Saturday morning, I was trying to find something to do with my unfed sourdough starter and had nearly consigned myself to having to throw it away, when I found a recipe for Sourdough Crumpets from King Arthur Flour that seemed to solve the problem. It also gave me something to eat for breakfast!

It looked (and was) simple enough, add 1 t. of sugar, and 1/2 t. of salt and baking soda to 1 C. of the starter, stir and cook like pancakes. ‘Twas neat to see how it grew and bubbled.

Melted a little butter on mine and ate them while they were still warm. I was amazed at their flavor. Best ‘pancakes’ ever! I had no idea, but this is definitely my new favorite way to use up that unfed starter each week.

Meanwhile, the fed is being turned into bread bowls….