Cola Glazed Easter Ham – A Gallery

Last year, I made for my easter ham and this year, my fiancé was eager to have me make it again. His mother gave us a 15+lb ham, so why not? I thought I’d do a step-by-step photo gallery just to be different.

Here’s the ham post-scoring (I enjoy leaving the skin on and having it flavored by the glaze then chewing on it for a while, but he doesn’t,  so next year we’ll take it off):



Rubbed with spices (I tripled the amount for everything except the Cheyenne pepper):



Studded with cloves (I space them out a little, they’re not at every intersection, that would be too much clove for our taste):IMG_5528


Packed in brown sugar (I lost track of how much I used, it was however much it took to cover it):



After roasting for 1 1/2 hours (we attempted to compensate for the size difference from that called for in the recipe):



With the temperature probe, after the first basting:



The final product:



The flavor turned out as I remembered it, I’d been concerned that time had altered my memory, but that was all for naught. The sweetness of the cola and the spices are well balanced with the caramelization of the sugar. One does have to watch out for the cloves though!