Basil Jelly

The Back Story:

Several years ago, my mother gave me several piles of cooking magazines (some of which are 20 years old). I’ve finally had enough of moving them around and have resolved to look through them all before putting them out for recycling. ‘Taste of Home’ June/July 2003 had a recipe for basil jelly in it. We love basil! I showed it to my fiancé and he was excited as well, so it went on to this weekend’s to-do list.

The Making:

We stopped by the store on the way home from church and bought two of the basil plants (the kind that come in bags with roots, but aren’t really for replanting), as we didn’t want to completely strip our plant at home.

Home, I worked on finely chopping the leaves, fortunately we’d decided to only make half a batch (3 half-pints), as we only needed 1 cup then, and it took both the purchased plants and half of the leaves off our plant to get that much.

I dumped this in to a saucepan that has 2 cups of water in it and brought it to a boil, then covered it, took it off the heat and let it seep for 10 minutes before draining it.

Measured out 1 1/2 + 1/3 cup of the basil ‘tea’, added 7/8 oz. of pectin and returned it to the heat, where I brought it to a boil again, added 2 1/2 cups of sugar and stirred it over the heat for another minute. We could have added some food coloring with the pectin, but opted not to.

Poured them into jelly jars and canned them. All the lids sealed, which is great, as it’s my first time canning on my own.

The Verdict:

The color is gorgeous, a light golden color, with a tint of green to it.

As far as flavor goes, the basil comes through and the sugar heightens the flavor without making it too sweet. All in all, a great success!