Sugared Strawberries

This week I made my first day batch of sugared strawberries. He heard it discussed on ‘The Splendid Table’ and arrived at my apartment bearing a container of strawberries so we could try it ourselves.

Hence, Tuesday morning found me in the kitchen, slicing away. I’d gone to the website for ‘The Splendid Table’, but the instructions there called for raspberries and muddling, whereas he’d heard of slicing and layering with equal parts sugar, strawberries, sugar, strawberries, etc., so that’s what I set out to do.

My first discovery was that it’s difficult to get sliced strawberries to lay in a nice, even layer in the bottom of a canning jar. My second was that it’s hard to tell if you’re doing exactly equal parts or not, but I gave it my best try.

These are from shortly after I’d started:



And this is what I had at the end:


Mmmmm, strawberries!

This I placed in the fridge. You’re to wait at least 2 days before tasting, per the instructions, however, by that evening, they’d mostly separated with the strawberries sitting atop a layer of wet sugar and that being above a layer that looked about the same as when I first put it in. Stirred it all up on Saturday, but it’s separated out again….

Has anyone out there every made these? Is it supposed to separate? How do I proceed from here?