Beef Wellington!

I’m just getting back to my desire for cooking elaborate things. My biggest supporter and motivation being gone… for awhile I was having to remind myself that it was time for food, again, and eating it was a chore.

Monday was ideal, since our friends are still coming over every week and they’re on board anytime I’m feeling creative! I had last Monday off from work and resolved to make something extra yummy, having been sick the previous two weeks and resorted to ordering pizza. He’d always wanted to make beef wellington, having been inspired by Gordon Ramsey, but never managing to get there.

After a bit of research, I was ready to go and decided to make individual ones, using filet mignons. Providence smiled on me, for the day after I had thus decided, my boss sent me to Wegmans, the largest local grocery and I was able to get prosciutto de parma!

Monday rolled around and I couldn’t wait to get into the kitchen! Somehow I managed to wait until 17:00, then into the kitchen I went! Started with the mushroom duxelles (I wish I spoke French and knew how to say this word!), using the mini food processor to finely chop all the mushrooms (work smarter, not harder!). It took them quite awhile to brown up, but they smelled wonderful!

While the duxelles cooled, I seasoned and browned the meat.

I used pre-bought puff pastry sheets (my one concession), rolled thinly and cut in half.

Having prepped everything, I took piece of puff pastry, laid a piece of prosciutto in the middle of it and placed a filet on top of that. I then spread some of the duxelles on the meat, folded the prosciutto over that and folded the pastry dough around the entire thing, sealing the seams with egg wash. Lastly, I placed it on a parchment-lined  baking sheet and egg washed it all over.

Repeat X 5.

Into the oven for 20 minutes, then out to rest before we cut into them. The suspense was getting to everyone, for they smelled amazing! I had served a brie en croute with black raspberry as an appetizer and it had worked, they were hungry!!

Success! I’m not one to toot my own horn (that was his job), but they were cooked perfectly and were a beautiful red in the middle. I enjoyed watching everyone taste theirs before sampling mine. WOW! It was full of complex flavors, one of those I-can’t-believe-I made-that moments. One week later, I’m still stuck there.

The broccoli casserole I’d made to go alongside it was tasty too and has potential for many variations, I also shall hold onto that recipe.


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