Au Gratin Bistro – Carlisle, PA

Spoiler Alert: Another disappointment in Carlisle. If there was just one restaurant with consistently tasty food around here, they would thrive!

We’d seen this new spot once before, but they weren’t open, so when we passed them again last Saturday, and they were serving, we went in to see a menu. It had several intriguing dishes and so we got a table. The water was from the tap, but served in a glass bottle to give the appearance of being something better. We’ve seen this before in Carlisle. The water was unpleasant and the soda we ordered instead was nearly flat!

After much discussion, we settled on two dishes to share; a duck salad (duck leg confit on arugula) and butternut squash ravioli with rabbit confit.

One of the dishes came with a side, so we both had a small salad. They were kind enough to divide all the dishes onto separate plates before serving. When asked for our choice of dressing, we inquired if the vinaigrette was made in house… we never got an answer, just that dressing on the side.

We asked for some bread to go with the salad, but the salads were long gone before the rolls arrived, still frozen on the bottom. This wasn’t encouraging.

After more then half an hour, we were told the delay was do to the ravioli we’d ordered, and were thus confused when our plates arrived to determine that they were of the pre-bought, frozen variety. Why did they take so long?! Everything else had sat under the heat lamp for so long that our meat was dry and over-done. The sauce on the ravioli showed promise, but not enough to redeem the meal.

All in all, we still managed to have a good time, but for the money spent we could have had a fantastic time at one of our favorite restaurants in Harrisburg. We do, however continue to hold out hope that one day, there will be a great place to eat in Carlisle.


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