A Christmas Feast (for New Year’s)… Part Three (The Eating!)

Settled in to eat and found myself suddenly very tired. Having gotten everything on the table after pushing all day, I was out of steam, but still managed to fill my plate, mouth and stomach, in that order.

Shrimp puffs; Two of my friends requested the recipe and one doesn’t cook at all!

Herbed Green Beans; The letdown of the night to me, the feta cheese I’d gotten was store-brand and VERY mild. Also, the lemon peel just didn’t work for me.


Cranberry Sauce; Might have been made a little too far ahead, the orange had heightened and the sugar lessened, but then, I like tart things, so I was fine with it.


Giblet Gravy; There was so much flavor that every gravy after this shall have a hard time meeting the mark.

Turducken; Done to perfection, the chicken was done, but the turkey beasts weren’t dried out at all! I love meat thermometers.


Wild Mushroom, Bacon, and Sourdough Stuffing; all three elements held up well against each other.

Baked Alaska; I couldn’t fit it in my freezer once it was fully assembled and had to resort to putting it outside, where it was below freezing, but not cold enough to keep the ice cream as firm as it needed to be. Still, all the elements turned out better then I could have hoped (the meringue was a first and the cake was a new recipe). We’re going to be putting meringue on everything, it was amazing. Tasted like a cloud, then a toasted marshmallow when browned!


All in all, a successful feast!


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