New Cooking Equipment for Christmas!

I sometimes hesitate to list everything I acquire on special occasions, I don’t want to seem like I’m gloating, but it seems lately that I’ve been getting kitchen things faster then I can find space to store them.

Recently, I’ve come to own:

A juicer by t-fal, I haven’t used it yet, but the idea is quite exciting!

Back before Thanksgiving, I bought a 6 qt. multi-cooker from Cuisinart, which I’ve used once and turned out wonderfully. I love things that can do multiple tasks and do them all well. He, around the same time, got a sous-vide machine, which he’s used several times and it’s always gone well. It’s something we’ve been trying to replicate using cooling racks, clothes pins, and the meat thermometer, so this seems almost too easy!

Many, various pans for cake, bread, cookies, mini muffins and so on. I’ve only used some of them so far, but having a surplus of cookie sheets has come in handy and I love the mini muffin tin from my soon-to-be mother-in-law for Christmas that holds 24 at a time!

A 6 qt, cooper exterior pan, ask one’s fiance and one might receive! He also brought up an all-clad stainless steel roaster recently.

He gave me a large bag of pink salt and an old-timer press/juicer for Christmas, as well as lots of chocolate. Anyway, I love the juicer, it’s so smooth and solid. I’ve gone through many, many oranges in the past few weeks!

Also from him for Christmas, a Bread Proofing Box from King Arthur Flour, to help my head ride and turn out well, even when it’s cold (my apartment is averaging around 60° this year, if I had to guess). I’ve used it twice and am afraid I’m not entirely impressed. The lid sits on the box awkwardly and the cord is short! Also, once I divide the dough, I can’t fit both loaves in. Still, it keeps the dough very moist and has a viewing window on the top, which is more then I can say for last year’s method, tucking it only my waterbed….

Someone else sent me some enameled cast iron (various name brands). I’ve orange, red and green now. The problem with this has become the storage, I haven’t cabinet space (it mustn’t be stacked or nested) and the normal kitchen overflow location, the attic, is out. Anyone have an idea?

There have been little things, like another paring knife (one can never have too many) and 2 basting spoons, we’ve gotten frustrated with our small stirrers/servers. A large, bamboo, carving board…

I shan’t tell of what he got for Christmas here, but stay tuned…

And lastly, we are anxiously expecting the mailman to bring us our Valentine’s Day present (yes, we’ve become the sort of couple who buy cooking things as gifts for each other), a Kitchen-aid Pro Line Hand Blender. We have a small, plastic, corded one, so we didn’t entirely need it, but we’re indulging, hence the romance behind the present.

I shall try to add reviews/comments on the various objects as I use them


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