His Christmas

I got him, among other things, three cooking related Christmas presents.

One: Last year’s bacon edition of The Food Network magazine. We’d borrowed it multiple times from the library and he kept expressing the wish that we had a copy of our own. Wish granted! I managed to get one off Ebay. (We did subscribe to the magazine this fall, so that shan’t happen again.) He managed to guess this one before unwrapping it.

Two: A spherification kit, purchased from Mondernist Pantry LLC off Amazon.com. He’s been looking at this process for several years and now he can give it a try, also, it will tie into the next present. It was very interesting to wrap at it came bag, but I managed. He also, somehow managed to guess what this was, by feeling it out before he unwrapped it. To be fair, I had invited him to try and figure it out.

Three: The Mondernist Cuisine cookbook set. We’ve looked at and discussed this set many times over the years, but it always seemed out of reach. We did acquire the “At Home” version off Amazon after borrowing it from the library many, many times, but then I saw this listed on Craigslist (back in May). It was cheaper then any I’d ever seen and in like new condition, complete with Plexiglas case and kitchen manual . The original owner claimed to have received it from a friend after they learned that he’d spent a summer in the kitchen at Ebulli, but he’d never used it and was moving. His loss was my gain and what a gain, it weighs 50 pounds! I hauled it home and wrapped it right away, there was no occasion befitting such a gift until Christmas and I didn’t want him finding early by accident! Then the waiting began, the interminable waiting….

Fast forward to December, with the help from some friends, I wrapped it again (in such a fashion that it in no way resembled itself. I didn’t want him guessing this one.) and stuck it under the tree. I gave him no hints, besides to confirm that it was indeed something he wanted and that that was not it’s actual shape. He was completely stumped. What could he want that weighed so much?

Christmas Day, we saved it for last (I knew he’d want to spend sometime looking at/into it). When he finally got through all the wrapping to see the set, he was agog. How did I ever manage it? Perfect.


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