Apple Cider Caramels

Alright, so besides getting a new laptop as an early Christmas present that was determined to have issues, I don’t have a decent excuse for not posting, besides life, there’s been a lot going on, not to mention, as you might have noticed, several holidays… and then, whenever I’d think about posting, all I could think about was how long it had been since my last post and that didn’t spur me towards my computer. However, I’ve renewed the site’s fees for another year, so I shall have to try harder!

Back around Thanksgiving, I made my second ever batch of caramels, this time using a recipe off The Food Network website for Apple Ciders Caramels.

Now, I was slightly hesitant, for my last batch turned out tasty, but harder then I was hoping, so this time around, I watched the thermometer like a hawk, and pulled it off a few degrees early, thinking that maybe the temperature would continue to rise a little after I took it off the heat.

I also lined the pan with parchment paper, which made removing them much easier, though not waiting for them to cool! The nice thing about my apartment being poorly insulated is that things cool off faster then normal. Somehow, I managed to wait an entire day to take them out and try and cut them to see how they were!

Perfect, the exact texture and chew I was hoping for, as well as ever so tasty. I froze some and gave them to the adults in my family for Christmas.  There are still a few pieces hoarded in my freezer, to be slowly enjoyed at a later date. This recipe will definitely be staying around!!

Here are some sights from that day, if only I could included smells….



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