A Tasty Meal

Made a yummy meal the other day. It was supposed to be an after work thing, but I got out late and we made it a weekend dinner instead.

Using the magazine I posted about earlier, I made their weeknight roast chicken, my fiancé loves roast chicken, so I was sure he’d enjoy that part at least. It was simple enough, rinsed it off, coated it with a tablespoon of olive oil, then rubbed it with some salt and pepper and popped it into the oven with a thermometer in the breast.

While it rested once it finished, I fried up some fresh corn and popped the biscuits into the oven. He’d arrived and helped make the pan sauce.

The verdict: Hard to capture on camera, but tasted far better than it looked.


The biscuits were a tad overdone, but I liked the basic flavor. The fried corn was a new experience for me and I could have lived with a little less pepper. The chicken was perfect (and so simple too)! I shall be making that a lot, he couldn’t stop raving, that’s when I know it’s really good.


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