Bricco’s – Harrisburg, PA

Last Sunday, he was in an interesting mood, he wanted to go out, but he wasn’t sure where, or what style of food he was hungry for.

We first went to Quaker Steak and Lube, but didn’t stay, there wasn’t anything on the menu we felt we really wanted to try. I was glad for this, the plastic chairs had instantly displeased me and I found the music to be far too loud.

Next, we went to the Carraba’s across the parking lot. This time, we asked to see a menu before being seated and found a few things we thought we might like try. Upon sitting down, we requested bellinis from the waitress, which we were surprised to learn weren’t only on the menu, but she’d never heard of before! As she went to check with the bartender, we realized I’d been given a dirty napkin (though it was wrapped around my silverware, just like the clean one he had). She returned with wine glasses that had a white sparkling wine with (very little) peach schnapps and a strawberry in them, which tasted nothing like a bellini. This didn’t bode well and we were rather disturbed by the napkin, so we left without ordering anything else.

Finally, he decided on Ricco’s in Harrisburg, but they weren’t open for lunch, so we went home to wait for dinner.

We called ahead, but they don’t take reservations.

Arriving, we were seated in a booth and met our server, Mary. He told her that we’d love to let the chef have fun and cook us whatever he felt like. The chef came out to meet us and check our preferences (nothing spicy, I unfortunately can’t handle that). Our only request was an oyster dish of some sort (I love oysters!)


We moved to the chef’s table(counter)and enjoyed trying to guess what we were going to be eating next. Each course was served with a new wine as well.


Our first dish was Oyster Rockefeller and it was an amazing start. I’d never had one before and was afraid I’d burn my tongue. So much flavor and interesting textures, I throughly enjoyed that bite!


Up next was the above salad, my least favorite dish of the night. It had a bitter component that I didn’t care for, but the toasted pine nuts were a lovely note.


Braised pork belly, warm, moist, meaty and so rich. There was also a tasty glaze.


Scallops, cooked to perfection, on a bed of corn and tomato salad.


Duck breast on wild mushroom risotto with a red wine sauce, again, absolutely amazing. No complaints from my tongue.

Dessert was house-made peanut butter truffles with crisped rice inside. This was served with our favorite wine of the evening:


We liked it better than the chocolate!

All in all a wonderful evening, with great service and amazing food! We left quite happy, and it wasn’t just from all the wine.

Kuddos, Ricco’s, and thanks for such an enjoyable meal.


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