Café Bruges, Carlisle, PA – Belgian Food & Drink

We had friends over on Monday night, so last night was the first night we had to explore the restaurant week in the nearby Carlisle, PA. He picked the Café Bruges, partially because it was after 8:00 till he arrived from work and partially out of curiosity. Belgian is unique around here.

The first thing we ordered was a Cassis Lambic for each of us, we’d have another each before the night was out, I love lambics!

As far as food goes, he first ordered a pound of ‘Bruges Mussels’, done in white wine, shallots, butter & parsley. We ate them as quickly as we could, the sauce was wonderfully light and bright and the mussels done to perfection.

Our entrée was their “‘Carbonade Flamande’ – Flemish beef stew slow cooked in dark ale, served with parsleyed potatoes”, which needed some salt, but the beef was cooked well and the gravy had a great depth of flavor to it.

We also tried the ‘Bruxelles Mussels’ (ale, garlic, leeks & bacon), which were again cooked to perfection, but the ale was a little too dark for our taste and we couldn’t taste the leeks.

Last dish of the evening was the Frites, which I wished they had salted, but that’s not the end of the world. He says when he had them in Europe, they were slightly thinner, but I thought the ratio of crispy outside and fluffy insides was pretty near perfect. We had a house-made mayonnaise to dip them in, which I was a little wary of, having never dipped my fries in a sauce, but we will definitely have to look into that some more, the sweet, tangy mayonnaise played well against the salty fries.

So far, we agreed as we left, this is our favorite find of the week and we will definitely go back again. We are hoping to try the rabbit special they sometimes have and several of their desserts intrigue. Thank you for a wonderful evening Café Bruges!


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