Andalusia in Carlisle, PA

I must start this post with an apology to Adam, who was our server and has been looking for this post for a little while now. I’m sorry it took so long.

We went out to Andalusia after work one evening and we were the only ones in the dining room, so we had wonderful service and Adam was able to answer all our questions.

Our normal way of ordering is for me to sit back and let him choose. I provide input and if it’s someplace we go regularly, then I order for myself, but otherwise, I like to be surprised!

The other thing that we do routinely in a new place is order many different dishes. We’ve been known to sit at an 8 person table and fill the entire thing in order to try the dishes and get an overall sense of the restaurant. Tapas is perfect for this, as we didn’t end up with boxes and boxes to take home. We set out to tour Spain.

He ordered seven of their tapas dishes and only one disappointed, the “‘Gambas al Ajillo’- Shrimp sautéed with garlic, Spanish olive oil & pimenton” had shrimp which were over done.

Our favorite of the evening was “‘Patatas Bravas’ – Fried fingerling potatoes served with salsa brava & aioli”. The potatoes were perfectly done and fluffy, they were good all by themselves and the salsa and aioli made great additions. We’ve made our own variations of this dish several times since we’ve been there, though we haven’t quite matched them yet.

Some of the other food we ate and enjoyed was “‘Setas al Ajillo’ – Sautéed oyster mushrooms topped with shaved Manchego cheese, ‘Datiles con Tocino’ – Dates stuffed with an almond & Cabrales cheese, wrapped in bacon, ‘Albondigas con Manchego’ – Spanish pork meatballs in a spiced tomato sauce topped with Manchego choose and served with crusty white bread. ‘Croquetas de Jamon Serrano’ – Serrano ham & bechamel fritters, served with aioli, and ‘Bastilla be Djaj’ – Moroccan phyllo pie filled with chicken, eggs, onions & roasted ground almonds, sprinkled with powdered sugar & cinnamon”.

I find myself growing hungry as I type this up and recall each taste hitting my tongue. They were all new flavors to me and I loved exploring a new cuisine. My spell check however, is having fits!


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