Christmas in July!

It feels like Christmas! When my fiancé arrived last weekend, he had some things to unload from his van. I knew about some of them, (his mother was lending us her canning equipment, both for pickles and basil jelly, at least) but some were a surprise.

There was a fondue pot… not something that I have on my kitchen accessories wish list, but okay. If one removes the fondue parts, it’s a nice pan, and with a glass lid too.

The exciting one was an induction burner! His Dad bought it and doesn’t use it, his mother was tired of it taking up space and asked if we wanted it… OF COURSE!! It’s only from nuwave, but with a small kitchen and the ability to plug it in and use it anywhere, I will happily adopt the orphan. We’ve been wanting one for awhile. All sorts of ideas for ways to use it have been coming to me all day.


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