Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

We’ve finally done it! We’ve finally made ice cream with liquid nitrogen!

A friend of ours asked us to help cook for her son’s wedding rehearsal.She served a cheese platter for the appetizer. We made green beans almandine and roasted a pork loin and some baby vegetables for the main course, then all that was left was the dessert.

She had mentioned ice cream and my fiancé instantly promised her ice cream and a floor show, if she’d get some liquid nitrogen. She did.

He mixed up a batch of vanilla custard and left it to chill in the refrigerator while they ate, then when the time was right, we went into the dining room with a stand mixer, a metal pitcher with liquid nitrogen in it, and the custard. He handled everything, I simply watched as he poured the custard into the mixer bowl, then turned it on and slowly added the nitrogen.

When it started to clump up on the outside, he didn’t miss a beat, but simply stopped the mixer and knocked it back into the main ice cream. I realized at that moment that we’d never gotten around to testing/practicing this at home beforehand at all, um… I thought for certain that we’d now have lumps in our ice cream. Fortunately, I was wrong, for he knew what he was doing, having done his research, it mixed right back in.

As it mixed and the steam/fog slowly poured across the table and down on to the floor the ring bearer and flower girl thought it was amazing and loved feeling how cold it was, but some of the grownups were on their phones, checking to see whether or not we’d be poisoning them!

Still, everyone happily ate some once the groom had a taste and proclaimed it ready. It was smooth, creamy, and full of flavor, by far the best vanilla I’ve ever had, and vanilla isn’t at all my preference.


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