Homemade Taffy – The Kitchen Side of Things

First off, let me quickly apologize for going so long in between posts. I am still learning to find time to type these up. I’m sorry. Forgiven?

Alright, on to the taffy!

Memorial Day, I had friends come over to have a taffy pull. There were 8 of in all, 5 having helped last year when we made taffy for the first time.

6 of them paired up and readied to pull, buttering the entirety of my kitchen/dining room table and their hands quite throughly. They also worked on cutting wax paper into squares, since you MUST individually wrap them or they become one large piece again. But beyond that, I was in the kitchen, so I shall have to let my fiancé post about what else went on out there.

I had a helper and we initially set about mixing one batch at a time but quickly opted for two in a large soup pot. It had to be large for the sugar really bubbles when cooking. We have concluded through various batches that the best way to achieve maximum flavor (a must for us!) is to mix several packets of unsweetened drink mix in with the sugar and omit the salt. Also, craft store with cake decorating supplies are the best place to buy glycerin, not kitchen stores or specialty shops.

It took far longer for the sugar to cook down then I remember, but the thermometer was calling the shots, not me. Once the prescribed temperature was achieved, we poured it into two separate bowls to add flavor and color, then poured each bowl out onto a buttered, rimmed, cookie sheet.

At this point, the pullers would be informed to take over, wait until it was cool and begin pulling… but that’s not my part of this story.

By the end of the day, we’d made enough taffy for everyone to take a decent sized bag home. We had strawberry, sour green apple, lemon, cranberry, blueberry, orange and peppermint, in every color.


This is the only picture we managed during the process, as I was running the kitchen and his hands were covered in butter. Can you guess what flavor this is?


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