A Word About Hard-Boiled Eggs


I found this handy link last night as I read last month’s edition of Bon Appetit (which we’d finally been able to check out from our local library). The first thing I like is that it tells you some of the science behind the process. And second, I’ve always used the cold-water method described here to hard boil eggs and it works perfectly, no green yolks! But then, that’s all I’ve made until recently when I had my very first soft boiled egg. I’ve yet to make one for myself, but when I do, I shall reference this site. I wanted to post it on here and share it with all of you so that you too may have perfect eggs, no matter how cooked you want them to be!

P.S. To get the yolks to be in the center, turn them on their side the day before you boil them, or longer…it can’t hurt. The easiest way I’ve found to do this to rubber band the carton shut (just in case, I mean, we are dealing with eggs here!) and turn that on its side.


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