Beautiful Bread and Italian Sandwiches

This weekend, I set out to make a large loaf of bread, at his request. T’was rather simple, I just didn’t divide it after the first rise. It rose quite nicely both times, as it was nice and warm here in PA yesterday (and got up over 75 degrees inside). Into the oven, it came out looking rather perfect, see?


(The first one was to show the size of the bread…it wouldn’t fit in a gallon bag!)

Here the entire way through the process, my fiancé could barely stand the wait till it was done and cool enough to slice into. Once it came out of the oven, he was struck with an inspiration and knew exactly what we should have for dinner. He set off for the store to get the things he’d need to make Italian sandwiches.

Cut into the bread and found that the texture was exactly what we’d need. It has a nice, light, and chewy crust, with the inside being soft and not too crumbly.


(He also made a potato salad) Next time though, I could do without the raw onions, this batch seems especially burny.

I hereby declare this weekend’s bread making a success!


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