Piazza Sorrento and their Woodsman Pizza

I went out with a friend on Saturday, we hit the Tanger Outlets in Hershey (where I had to control myself in the ‘Kitchen Collection’ store… but this post is not about that!) and then had to find somewhere to eat dinner on our way to see a show at the Hershey Playhouse, which can prove difficult at 5:30/6:00 at night when you didn’t make any reservations.

However, we eventually drove past the Piazza Sorrento and decided to try it as well. The exterior wasn’t much to look at, but inside there was a warm, elegant Italian atmosphere. The hostesses informed us that they had an hour plus wait (just like everywhere else), but they had a small table in the bar area where they could seat us right away, if we didn’t mind.

We didn’t. Happy to at last have found food, we took our seat and I began to pour over the menu, in search of something special or unusual. There were several house specials, but all of them sounded like something I might find else where, so not what I was looking for. Eventually, my eyes found a listing in their 10 inch pizza section for a ‘Woodsman Pizza’ with tomato sauce, sausage, prosciutto, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, red peppers and Mozzarella for $13 (even though my friend had insisted that cost wasn’t to concern me).

As we waited, I had their ‘Triple Berry Blast’ cocktail, which consisted of strawberry vodka, raspberry vodka, and cranberry juice, which was fine, but with all the infused vodka, there really wasn’t much of a ‘blast’.


I was expecting less olives and more cheese (personal preference), but when I tasted it, it worked just the way it was! I could taste all the various toppings in turn. Nothing remarkable about the crust, but it wasn’t terrible.

She had their homemade lobster ravioli and let me try a few. The pasta was very thin and there was a decent amount of filling, not too much, not too little, but the sauce was amazing, a Marsala with corn and onions, it was sweet and a great compliment to the lobster.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for dessert. But, with their warm atmosphere, helpful wait staff, variety of menu, and fair prices, I’d love to take my fiancé there sometime soon. A lovely accidental find!


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