‘Famous’ Sticky Buns?

Last week, there was a blood drive in my town. Promised to the donors were the local resort inn’s ‘famous’ sticky buns. Now, I’m one to donate when I can regardless, but I was intrigued to taste them, these sticky buns that are so famous I’ve never heard of them, despite growing up in a neighboring town.

The donating was a little rough, my technician was a trainee and she had a few problems, so by the time I got to the canteen, I was ready for something tasty. I’m afraid I was disappointed, they were basically a sweet pastry in a bun shape and not at all sticky! Several raisins had been strewn across the top, but not evenly, and there weren’t nearly enough for each bun to have one.

I smuggled one home and let my fiancé have a taste too, I always enjoy having his imput and perspective. He seconded my thoughts, we were both unimpressed. Oh well, at least the blood will help someone who needs it.


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